With a global faculty and participants, this Academy will challenge candidates’ current beliefs and notions of social and sustainable leadership, developing a new understanding of its principles and tools.

Global trends show that, with the COVID-19 crisis, social exclusion, youth unemployment, migration, climate change, and an ageing society’s problems are escalating. Government agencies are encouraged to seek out “the best social innovations” in their programs.

The leaders of tomorrow are required to use their new models to achieve results and scale their services, including public-private partnerships.

LFC On the move

Is intended for:

Board’s Director, CEO, Manager


Recent graduates and Master’s graduates



Next-generation of leaders in family businesses.


September 20- October 1, 2021

OnTheMove 1st edition
In Calabria
a Soveria Mannelli (CZ)

Rubbettino Editore

LFC Online

Is intended for:

 Participants, over 18, with the aim to understand their future path, how to finance that journey, and how they can position themselves in the job market in 3 to 5 years from the end of the program.

More adult participants that want to change their career, but not sure in which direction. We help them to identify their strengths and more valuable and spendable skills.


December 13-17, 2021

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Rubbettino Editore Main partner for location
LFC sponsors 2 Scholarships for the winner of the green art

BS Events partner for live production and online program.

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The Bollino Etico Sociale is a method for the development and enhancement of social innovation actions, of actions with positive impact
4P Benefit Corporation
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Scientific Partners

Università Della Calabria
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica, Energetica e Gestionale